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All dollar amounts you see in this planner are general estimates for planning purposes. Please book a consultation with us to get an actual custom quote for your project.


Koi Ponds

Ponds are reconnecting people with nature. Enjoy a pond with a living ecosystem, full of plant life and built to imitate a piece of nature in your backyard.

10500 / per unit


Pondless Waterfall & Stream

Large pondless waterfalls are about 26 feet long and absolutely stunning! You’ll impress yourself (and everyone else) every time you look at it with how natural, invigorating, and relaxing it is!

25500 / per unit


Fountains & Bubbling Rocks

Bubbling rocks and fountains make it easy to add the enjoyment of water to your yardscape. The sky is almost the limit. These can be added basically anywhere in your yard. They’ll attract birds and butterflies while also giving you that soothing sound that only water in a high desert can give.

10500 / per unit


Recreation Ponds

Recreation ponds are reconnecting people with nature, unlike your standard pool loaded with chemical, a rec pond is a natural body of water with a living ecosystem, full of plant life and built to imitate a piece of nature in your backyard.

125000 / per unit


Paver Patio and/or Pathway

Looking for a round patio? This beautiful stone brings the timeless beauty of cobblestone to your next patio, walkway and/or driveway. Built to beautify your space and built to last for years, this is one gorgeous choice you'll love!

32 / per square foot

sq. ft.

Propane/Natural Gas

Outdoor Fire Pit

Love gathering around a beautiful outdoor fire, but don't want the hassle of dealing with wood? A handcrafted gas fire pit by our artisan team will allow you to have a safe, lovely fire at the dial of a knob! Its gorgeous design will lend beauty to your yardscape no matter if you're enjoying a fire in it or not! Gather your family and enjoy warms and beauty at a moment's notice for years to come!

2800 / per unit



You’ll love the color, fragrances, and joy that happens when we add the final touches to your yard design with plants, trees, mulch, and the rest. Trust us. It’ll be gorgeous.

35.00 / per unit


Outdoor Lights

No matter what type of water feature you have, adding some lighting to it will simply enhance its beauty, and your enjoyment. Path and area landscape LED lighting provides beauty, charm and visibility by enhancing driveways, garden paths, plant beds, and areas surrounding waterfalls, ponds, and fountains. Our clients love how they can walk out onto their patios, relax in the soothing sounds of their waterfalls, and their outdoor lighting just makes even it worlds better late into the evening!

260 / per unit

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