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a love affair for handcrafting beauty

Theirs is not the stereotypical story of sleepy teens who will barely get out of bed. Nope…. These two make even coffee look lazy.

Luke Neathery, raised on the backs of horses and busting out rodeo gates fell in love with with creating outdoor beauty when he was just a young teen. His high school sweetheart, Whitney, gifted with an innate sense of design, partnered with his hardworking self during high school to start Neathery Landscaping before they’d even graduated.

And ever since those sweet days back in 2002, this hardworking duo has been wowing residents and businesses with their gorgeous handcrafted landscaping. But don’t worry…college still happened. Always one to set the bar high for himself, Luke studied irrigation hydraulics and landscape design in college leaving no stone unturned in enabling him to craft outdoor beauty that will be the envy of your neighbors. 

Proud parents of two boys, Luke and Whitney make their home here in Central Oregon. As a family, they work together, do rodeos together, and enjoy the companionship of a few horses, three dogs, and lots of clients turned friends!

Luke and Whitney


Extremely particular, Riley can’t stand doing a half-job. Another guy on our team who busted his backside as a teen working hard on jobs that most body-builders would be afraid to tackle, this guy is an absolute master of hardscapes. Give him a fire pit, patio, or paver walkway job and he’s gonna make you the envy of all your neighbors for years to come.


We’re still trying to find something Mario can’t excel at. An avid and humble learner, this guy makes us all driven to be better. Mario knows irrigation like you wouldn’t believe and we tend to think he could outwork any of us. A dad of 4 kiddos, this guy is just the sweetest. If he’s doing a job in your yard, you can rest easy it’s gonna be done well and right, no matter how long it takes.


Blessed to be related to Whitney, this guy has been working yards since he was younger than a high schooler. He can do anything we throw at him even if it requires an artist’s touch. Don’t be intimidated by his dreadlocks… they’re just a decoy for his country-boy charm. We’re proud he’s part of our team and intend to keep him until he’s 99!