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Built to last.

Concrete is boring. Wood brings its own maintenance issues. And gravel…well, it’s a nightmare when it comes to weeds.

Enter paving stones. These solid, classic beauties bring a sophistication to your yard above the rest. They come in all kinds of colors, sizes, shapes, and finishes – from smooth and refined, to rustic and timeless.

More durable than concrete, more lasting than wood, and far more enjoyable than asphalt or gravel, paver patios, walkways, and driveways can create a completely custom look and feel to your yard – and will last for years to come!

Fire Pits

It’s one thing to have a patio where you can enjoy the great out of doors in your very own yard. It’s a whole ‘nother thing to have a lovely fire pit on that patio that is gorgeous, easy to maintain, and brings a higher level of safety to outdoor fires!

If you love the sound of crackling wood and don’t mind the risk of sparks, a wood fire pit is a wonderful and affordable choice. 

But if you live in an area where sparks might be a stress, or you’d like to not have to gather and chop wood, we can design a gas fire pit that is just as charming, but far easier to work with!

We will design a fire pit for you that compliments your current yard design or incorporate one into a complete new yardscape that you’ll love for years to come!

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Paver patios

We might be wrong, but we think a paver patio can’t be beat. Designed to compliment your home’s style and colors, the beauty these bring to your yard will impress you (and your guests) for many, many, did we say many, years!

Pavers come in all sorts of colors and styles. There are pavers that look like they’ve been around for a 100 years and carry a timeless rustic charm. Then there are pavers that are clean-lined and sophisticated. No matter what style you like, we can almost guarantee you’ll step outside more often just to enjoy your new patio.

Easy to maintain, solid and built for a lifetime, these are a sure improvement to any yard, large or small!

Make your yard even more beautiful!

Paver Driveways & Walkways

We all love a paver patio, but when it comes to pavers, there’s really nothing more impressive than a paver driveway or walkway! Concrete, asphalt, or gravel pale in comparison to the statement that pavers make. 

Here’s a little secret. Pavers are actually more sturdy and rugged than concrete. Not kidding! These things allow for water drainage, are less likely to crack and get messed up by weather, and are worlds more attractive.

Sure…it takes awhile to install them with the quality we expect from ourselves. But once they’re a part of your yard, you’ll wish you’d had them installed years ago. But that’s okay. There’s nothing like doing something now that you’ll enjoy for years to come. And a paver driveway and/or walkway is one of those. Honest.

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