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Lush, Green and beautiful

There’s no question that crafting hardscapes–pondless waterfalls, koi ponds, rec swim ponds, and paver beauties–is our love. That’s a given. However, there’s a certain something that the color and beauty of trees, plants, flowers, grass, and mulch bring that we can’t argue with. And besides, sometimes it’s therapy for us to go back to our early days and play in the dirt.

We think you’ll love that we know plants just as well as we do our other outdoor crafts. We know irrigation and how it works here in Central Oregon. We know plants and which you might want to attract…and or repel deer and other critters. And we know beauty–how to design a landscape that will bring a smile on your face every time you look out your window or step outside.

Sod Lawns

Experience tells us that rather than waiting for planted grass seed to germinate and grow to useable thickness, you’ll love the instant gratification that sod brings. It’s kinda crazy how a yard can be all weedy and bare dirt, and then boom…it’s lush and green!

Of course, we don’t just lay sod without preparing the space properly. We’ve gotta make sure we get irrigation installed that will keep it green without you having to move sprinklers around countless times. We also gotta make sure the ground is lovely and smooth. But once that’s done, sod-laying day almost feels like magic. Or maybe it IS magic!

So if you want a little space luscious and green, or want to cover thousands of square feet.–we have the experience, experienced know-how, and the designers eye to lay it right and make it look like it’s worth a million bucks.

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Artificial Turf

So yep, sod is pretty sweet stuff. But it does need watering, some fertilizing, mowing, and more. So if that’s not your thing, and you don’t want to hire us to do it for you, then we have a brilliantly green solution.

Enter artificial turf. This stuff rocks, while being almost as inviting as the real thing! It can handle going without being watered ALL SUMMER LONG. Dogs won’t hurt it. (You can simply hose the pee away without any repercussions.) And it’s crazy resilient to almost anything.  

Of course, you won’t want the cheap stuff that’ll get ruined by our Central Oregon UV rays. But don’t worry about that. We’ll make sure you get a gorgeous green space that you’ll literally never have to worry about.

One little hint…. Don’t tell your neighbors that your lawn is artificial…and they’ll start wondering why your lawn always looks so lush and green. Why you never are out there mowing it. And why it’s even green during the winter!  And a neighborhood rumors like that are just kinda fun!

Make your yard even more beautiful!

backyard Putting greens

Want to turn a space in your yard into a putting green so you can practice your swings no matter when, then we’re your crew. 

Not only will your putting green great to play on, it’ll be a significant upgrade to your yard. Designed to compliment your other yardscapes, your putting green will be custom-designed and one-of-a-kind!

Just be fair warned that once we install a putting green for you, you might just start wanting us to build you a waterfall too… Just sayin’!

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plants & trees

This is really the icing on the cake. A pondless waterfall looks 100x better with greenry and color popping up all around it. A bubbler fountain stands out so much better when complimented by some natural plant life caressing it. And a pond–be it a koi pond or a recreation swim pond–are almost pointless unless they’re decked out with a gorgeous trim of trees, plants, rocks, mulch–the works!

This is where our plant-savvy crew comes in. Whitney has an uncanny ability for seeing how to lay out plants to create a gorgeous array that will please the eye. And the rest of us are experienced at making her design dreams come to life–literally. 

You’ll love the color, fragrances, and joy that happens when we add the final touches to your yard design with plants, trees, mulch, and the rest. Trust us. It’ll be gorgeous.