7 Benefits of Pondless Waterfalls

Landscape designs can create a sense of completeness in your home that creates a space that expresses your individuality. Most homeowners are big fans of ponds. However, they aren’t always available. If you don’t have space or time for outdoor water features in Redmond, OR, then the pondless water features can be a fantastic method to add sound, motion, and texture to your landscaping.

Here are some amazing benefits of waterfalls without ponds you can enjoy on either your front lawn or the backyard:

What are Pondless Waterfalls?

A pondless waterfall is a landscaping backyard water feature with falling water that splashes on the rocks before flowing into an underground reservoir, which is completely hidden from sight. The hidden basin creates an illusion of the water disappears without creating a water pool.

The basin that is located at the base of the waterfall is designed to be bigger in comparison to the water itself. This gives time to circulate water through the pump located at the bottom of the pool. The greater the size of your waterfall, the larger the reservoir needs to be to ensure that enough water can flow through the system.

How do you install a pondless waterfall?

Typical pondless waterfall kits can be found in the market in case you want to DIY the project for your outdoor living space. However, it is always suggested that you get professional assistance to achieve perfection. 

  1. Find a wide area to place the blocks made of plastic, and dig a larger space for the vault of the pump.
  2. Make sure you square up the sides of the basin, then level on the top.
  3. Lay down the landscape fabric to be a top layer.
  4. Apply a waterproof rubber membrane.
  5. Put plastic boxes and the pump vaults in the basin and reservoir to act as a base.
  6. Fill in the gaps with river rocks.
  7. Place the pump into the basin and connect the pipe to the spillway.
  8. Put boulders in the areas to form the waterfall.
  9. Fill in the voids between boulders using black expanding foam. It will redirect water to be evident over the stone.
  10. The rest part of the beds is with river rocks.
  11. Cut off any excess liner around the edges using a knife, then fold the liner inwards to form a dam.
  12. Add landscaping and mulch the area.

Benefits of Pondless Waterfalls

Relax amidst the sounds of the bubbling water

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting in a warm pool with bubbling water. It is calming, and its soothing sounds can drown out the sounds of other sources, such as road traffic or the sound of an air conditioner that is loud. It will be like the natural world has visited your home when you relax in your water feature, only a few steps away from your backyard.

Convenient and affordable

Outdoor water features in Prineville, OR, can save you cash on chemical cleaning products and algae removal.  With the innovative filtering technology used in the landscape waterfall kits, you don’t have to fret about spending your time and cash to clear out dirt & debris of dirt or take out excessive algae. The result will be pure, healthy, clean water that can attract the right type of wildlife to your garden.

Create a low-maintenance space in your backyard

Pondless water features require minimal maintenance, but you can reap numerous benefits from these features. If you’re bored of pruning and mowing the lawn, a pondless water feature could reduce the amount of work around the home. The only maintenance needed for the pondless water features is adding the fresh water into the pond’s reservoir every few weeks to replace the water evaporated.

No extensive construction

In the construction aspect, the materials and labor are required to construct the pondless waterfall instead of your typical waterfall with a water pond. 

Set up a landscape focal point

One of the most distinctive features of professional landscapes is a different look and feel. A waterfall does not just add motion, but it also helps give your landscape an air of purpose and order and could be an absolute highlight in your garden. A pond-less water fountain feature can be stunning and captivating, or if you’re seeking a tranquil setting, the water feature could have a simple and tranquil design.

Keep your pets and children secure

Pondless Water features are ideal for families with pets and children as they don’t present the dangers of drowning. There’s no reason not to take pleasure in the water feature without worrying about closing it off or instructing your animals and children to avoid it. Also, there’s no standing water that could harbor harmful bacteria and algae, which could cause pets to become sick.

Doesn’t require a lot of space

There’s no need to be restricted by the size of your backyard. Waterfalls without ponds can easily be adapted to the dimensions of your area. You can have a massive waterfall that cascades if you have room. If you have a smaller area, you could choose smaller waterfall features; however, you can still take pleasure in the sound and motion of the water.

Final Takeaway

It doesn’t matter if you require a spectacular water element for your front yard or a tiny private water feature in Bend, OR your backyard’s most loved corner. Neathery Landscape can design an edgy pondless waterfall perfect for your backyard.