It has been a white month in Redmond! It seems like it is never going to end! The City of Redmond has done a good job this year keeping up with the roads, but be careful out there!

Keeping Your Outdoor Landscape Healthy In Freezing Temperatures

Most everything out there is covered in white snow, and often times, if it is out of sight, it is out of mind. But there are some things you could be doing in your yard and driveway to protect yourself and your plants. Here is my small list of to dos during snow days:

Keep your driveway and walkways clear: Staying on top of the snow will keep you and your family from slipping. I know the last thing you want to do, is go outside and work, but it could save a broken arm, and also ensure you can get out of the driveway when you need to!

Insulate Your Outdoor Faucets: Hopefully you have already done this, but if you haven’t get out there and keep your outdoor faucets from freezing. You can go to many stores, and purchase an faucet insulator. Wrapping them with a towel and bungee cord does the trick as well. The last thing you want is frozen and cracked pipes!

Cover Your Plants: If you have any plants that you fear might not make it in these temparatures, you can always provide them with a protective layer of insulation. This keeps the snow off, but also keeps them slightly warmer, which could keep them alive through the winter temperatures.

Don’t Lock Your Brakes: I know, this has nothing to do with landscaping, and keeping your yard safe, but if you can avoid staying off the brakes, you can prevent an accident. Drive slow and give enough following distance, so you have plenty of time to stop!

Snow Removal

While there may not be much lawn maintenance during these cold months, there are still some things you can be doing to protect your outdoor living space. One of the things is getting snow off your roof. There have been many local roofs that have collapsed as a result of the weight of the snow. And the Redmond School District has closed school to inspect the roofs. It is no joke out there!

Keeping your walk ways and drive ways clear is a good and safe idea when the snow just keeps coming! We are happy to help with driveway or sidewalk snow removal, so give us a call today!