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Pondless Waterfalls

The Ochoco Creek

Small Waterfall

6’ long with 2’ total drop height

• Pondless Waterfall Spillway Aquabasin
• AquaSurge 2000-4000 pump
• 1.5 Ton of shevlin blue boulders
• 1/2 ton of river gravel
• 2 waterfall lights

The White Falls

Medium Waterfall

10-12’ long with 2’ total drop height

• Pondless Waterfall Spillway Aquabasin
• 5 Aqua blocks
• Flex PVC Pipe frost free & check valve
• AquaSurge 4000-8000 pump
• 4 tons of shevlin blue boulders
• 1 ton of river gravel
• 3 waterfall lights

The Cascade Falls

Large Waterfall

24-26’ long with 3’ total drop height

• Pondless Waterfall Spillway Aquabasin
• 16 Aquablock basin with pump vaults
• 3” Flex PVC Pipe frost free with check valve
• 2 AquaSurge 5000-9000 pumps
• 12 tons of shevlin blue boulders: large 2’-3’ in size
• 4 tons of river gravel
• 8 waterfall lights
• Auto doser
• Auto fill
• Iogen system

Check out our gallery of yard ideas! 


Bubbling rocks and fountains make it easy to add the enjoyment of water to your yardscape. The sky is almost the limit. Dating back to Moses’ day, fountain rocks create rustic appeal and intrigue, while bubbling urns provide a more elegant feel to your landscape.

These can be added basically anywhere in your yard. They’ll attract birds and butterflies while also giving you that soothing sound that only water in a high desert can give. 

Maintenance is easy. Enjoyment is real.

Make your yard even more beautiful!

Recreation Swim Ponds

So bubblers are cool. Waterfalls are gorgeous. But there’s nothing, absolutely nothing like having your own recreation pond that you can swim in in your very own yard. We’re not kidding. These eco-friendly, clean, safe, natural-looking ponds are built to be both beauty for your eyes and incredible for taking dips in the hot weather! Add a waterfall and you’ll never want to leave your yard. Never.

  • Super easy to maintain
  • Way more impressive than a regular ole’ swimming pool
  • Turns your yard into a natural oasis while also allowing aquatic enjoyment and exercise
  • Includes all kinds of natural elements–rocks, pebbles, plants, and even aquatic animals if you like

Plan your dream yard now!


There are a few things that almost everyone is drawn to…and water is one of them. We believe every backyard should have a water feature, and a koi pond designed by our artisans is a wonderful feature that incorporates all kinds of natural beauty–rocks, living plants, animals, water, air, and sunshine.  

Your koi pond oasis will attract people and nature alike, bringing a relaxing and refreshing ecosystem element to your yard that benefits all. 

No matter the size you want, we can make it happen–and do so with a low-maintenance design that makes it even more attractive! Your dream koi pond starts here.