De-thatching Your Lawn

Over time, your lawn develops more thatch, which is the layer below your grass. We do not like thatch because it acts as a sponge to steal the sunlight, nutrients, and water that could be going to making your grass healthy.

So, typically in the early Spring, and Fall, we like to remove thatch from your lawn so that it can flourish. The way we do this is with a special de-thatching tool. It kind of looks like a lawnmower, but it efficiently digs up all the thatch, and brings it to the surface. We then gather all the leftover thatch, remove it, and take it to be composted.

You will be surprised at how much thatch was hiding right above the soil. Your grass will look thinned out, but this is good because it give room for your grass to grow and thicken.

Lawn de-thatching is part of our monthly maintenance service. Give us a call for a bid on lawn maintenance!