Did you feel that last week? The air was cool, and the temperature dropped significantly in Central Oregon. The signs of autumn are here! This means a few things for your landscape. Grass, plants and shrubs are not going to be growing as much. And in a few weeks, you will want to blow out your sprinkler systems so they wont crack when we reach freezing temperatures, and will be be safe for the winter months. Here is a cool video that explains the process of winterizing your :

Winterizing your sprinkler is really important because you do not want any moisture left over in your sprinkler pipes over the winter months. If you do not blow out your sprinkler system, the water in your pipes will freeze, and your pipes will crack. That is bad news when you want to water your lawn again in the spring.

Even if you have an air compressor at home, this is probably not a job you can do sufficiently without a commercial compressor. Simple construction compressors will not have the flow to get all the moisture out of the system, and that is why it is important to call a professional landscaper to blow out your irrigation lines.

The team at Neathery Landscape will be offering a sprinkler blow out service at the end of September or early October for Redmond residents. Be sure to call us in advance so we can get you on the schedule, and ensure the protection of your landscaping!

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