Autumn leavesFall Landscaping

Around this time in the autumn months, growth starts to slow down. You might think that it is okay to slow down your yard maintenance as well, but there are some great things you can do during the autumn months to prepare your yard for the winter. Here are a few ideas and tips of things you could be doing right now to maintain your yards health through the winter.

Aerate and Seed

In Central Oregon, it is hard to keep up during the hot summer months. The grass gets fried and can become patchy with lots of traffic. Autumn is a good time to aerate your lawn and that got stressed from heavy traffic and sun damage.


A heavy pruning is a wonderful idea to help prevent the ice and snow from damaging your trees and shrubs. Often times there is excessive and growth through the summer, and a fall cleanup is in order to get your yard looking great, just in time for the winter.

Winterize Sprinkler System

Once the temperatures get below freezing, you will want to winterize your yard. If you have a sprinkler system, mid October is a great time to have it blown out by a professional to remove all moisture and prevent cracking pipes. It is also a great time to put away your garden hose so that it doesn’t freeze outside in crack when the temperature warms up. Is also time to put away your patio furniture and insulate your exterior faucets. Give Neathery Landscape a call to help winterize your yard, or for a simple Fall Cleanup.

Leaves on the lawnLeaf Blowing

Of course, if deciduous trees buying your property. You will have leaves on the ground pretty soon. Staying on top of Leaf cleanup it Is a great way to maintain the health of your lawn. When the leaves get wet and soggy on your grass, it can prevent your grass from receiving the sunlight that it means, And will soon be taken over by the leaves.


Grass appears to stop growing in early October, so you may be tempted to stop mowing. However it is good to continue mowing the lawn on a regular schedule even after the growth has slowed down. Most types of grass in Central Oregon actually arrive in this October climate because they are eating enough water, Yet it is still dry out. You may notice that Grass that was brown in the summer is turning green and is growing again. This is why it is important to continue mowing your lawn until the ground completely freezes for good. This can even be in to November.

During the autumn months, we stay very busy because of all of the leaves falling, Pruning, and winterizing that takes place in September and October. Please give us a phone call early if you are interested in having us blow out your sprinkler system, or maintain your yard, Or perform a one time fall cleanup.