Autumn is around the corner (you can already feel it in the air). If you have any deciduous trees in your yard, you are probably mentally getting ready to rake. Some of your yards will have yards of leaves to rake that your bin will not contain! So what do you do when you your organic waste exceeds the 90 gallons you are given? Enter the Negus Transfer Station in Redmond!

If you want to remove large bushes, or get rid of all those leaves, you can do it right down the street for only $4 per yard! The Negus Transfer station is not only for yard waste; it is a disposal location for household waste, clean wood, metal, appliances and tires. Check out their rates, here.

If you need to haul your yard waste, remember to secure and cover your load so you are littering on your way. The fine is hefty if you get caught by the Deschutes County Sheriffs.

Negus Transfer station headquartersOnce you get to the Negus location, you will roll up on the right side of the payment office, and pay your fee. You will then proceed around the brown building to the right where there are several acres where you can dispose of all your unwanted organic growth. If you want to dispose of sod, it should be placed in the household garbage, and not in the yard debris.

We dispose all of our grass clippings and overgrown foliage at this transfer station, and think it is great! The employees are very friendly, and it is very inexpensive!

As always, if you need help cleaning up your yard this Fall, a Fall clean-up is a service we offer. As part of that service, we will prepare your yard to look great through the winter months, and cut back all the growth that has taken place over the summer. Give us a call today to schedule your fall clean-up!

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