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The first and most obvious aspect of having a lawn care service is that we will mow your lawn and perform necessary upkeep as needed. In addition to mowing, we can also apply mulch to your lawn and plant flower beds. Mulch is important since it will ensure that your plants are kept looking good and clean while being provided with the nutrients that they need.

Another aspect of good lawn care includes fertilization of the lawn. We advise that you have your lawn fertilized at least a couple times per year. This is essential so that your lawn grows thick and looks healthy and well kept. However, you should not over fertilize your lawn otherwise it can do more damage than good. Fortunately, we know exactly how much fertilization your lawn needs and will ensure that the job is done right without over-fertilization.

weed-eatingNext, another aspect of good lawn care is aeration. This has to be done during the fall or spring and aeration is when grass and soil are pulled from the lawn. This is done so that there are a few holes in your lawn which will allow it to “breathe” better and will allow water and fertilizer to have better access to the lawn’s roots.

Leaf removal is another aspect of lawn care and upkeep which can be a tough job, depending on the amount of trees nearby. Of course, the cost of getting this job done will depend on the size of the yard.

blowing-off-patioAs you can see, taking good care of your lawn is a lot more complicated than just mowing it. If you don’t have the time or desire to upkeep your own lawn, we would love to provide excellent landscaping services to keep your yard looking fresh. Contact us today and we would be happy walk you through the process!

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We worked with Luke on a paver patio project, and not only is the patio beautiful but it has truly been a pleasure to work with him. His knowledge and experience were clearly evident as he helped guide us through the process.

—Deb W.

On time, on budget, well priced and great to work with! They went above and beyond to get our sprinkler system in and everything prepped for sod. Highly recommend!

—Matt S.


Luke does a fantastic job maintaining our yard. He is consistent, hard-working, and thorough. We used to have the worst yard on the block, now we have the best! I would highly recommend his services!

—Scott B.